Learning opportunities for N R I Students

$ Batch every month  $

In today’s context, children are in need to be engaged in Subject learning activity at home. Parents ambitious to connect their children with the of best Math’s training and establish a strong foundation for there child better future and to facilitate Jeetsir.in has started Foundation course.

MATHS Level 1
Foundation course
(to check the standards )

MATHS Level 2
Academic Course
( Improve the standards )
Twice a week ClassesTwice a week Classes
Duration : 2 months

16 Sessions
Duration : 3 months

24 Sessions


Program: Math’s learning for N R I’s children

For age 8- 12 Yrs.          Duration: 40 sessions

In first session assessment of children’s aspirations, limitations.

Based on the above customer made learning plans are evolved and implemented in sessions.



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